June 16, 2004

Careful Now

John Kerry has to be careful not to lose himself in the glee and enthusiasm of being anti-Bush because he may, unintentionally be interpreted as anti-American. On NPR (of course) the other day in his zeal and single-mindedness to be anti-Bush, he first laughed innapropriately and then made absurd commentary vis-à-vis the recent uprisings in Iraq. Kerry referred to the terrorist newspaper, which serves as a propaganda machine, published by this rebel cleric, Al Satar, as a “legitimate voice”. But even Kerry knew rhetoric like that was too over the top and so he then flip flopped mid-sentence when he artfully omitted the term “legitimate” the next time he mentioned the subject. Nonetheless he persisted in siding with Al Sater on this matter, lost in the excuberance of jumping all over any source of any possible Anti-Bush sentiment. The sheer idiocy of aligning yourself with a foaming at the mouth anti-American terrorist is beyond me. The only conclusion is that Kerry’s zeal to be anti-Bush blinds him to what the actual correct stance is. Kerry will continue to align himself with the terrorists, The French, The corrupt UN, and other “unnamed foreign leaders*” and, in turn, will not win the election.

*Kerry had claimed to have met with various vague foreign heads of state casually in New York coffee shops. Yeah Right.

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